Friday, 15 July 2011

Sheer elegance at Valentino S/S 2011

 (Paris january 2011 )
With many items of sheer in my own wardrobe I am a true lover of sheer clothing, I believe it to portray true femininity and a soft old fashioned romance. Well how happy was i when i found out that Valentino's Whole Spring/Summer 2011 couture show was manly a wash of pale pink and dusty pink sheer garments.  No matter how much your a lover or hater of delicate sheer, lace flowers and bows you cant take away how much craftsmanship and time has been put into this collection. I know first hand how hard it is to work with sheer very light weighted fabrics, so much that i gave up defeated by the fabric. So hats off to the team behind Pier Paolo Piccioll and Maria Grazia Chiurl at Valentino who actually have to make the garments.
"If fashion is about today, then today it's time to go back to elegance "Pier Paolo Piccioll
I'm with you on that one Piccioll,. Where has the elegance gone nowadays? As most new and up-and-coming designers go to an extreme (me included) with everything getting bigger and more outlandish just to be noticed and recognised. why not take it back to the basics with a touch of sheer elegance.  I will take my own advice here and see if i can include some sheer elegance in my final collection of my second year at uni. 

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