Friday, 29 July 2011

tattoo designer...?

(Silly images wont load on so i will get on it as soon as i can people )

 You know that i already design and do Henna tattoos on my friends and family but recently I've been doing some side design work (cost free ATM) for people that want tattoos not henna but real ink ones. I originally thought it would be a good way to keep my drawing skills up over summer while I've not got much university design work to do and to get my name as a designer out there in the big wide world (well start small and hopefully word of mouth will do the rest !) so far I've drawn up 4 designs 1 was my own tattoo then some designs for close friends and family. The more i designs i do the easier they become,I never realised how much i like to do line drawing with basic shading and colour.My brother said i should think about getting a job in a tattoo parlour as a designer, but to be honest it's not a job i had ever thought about doing before but it sound like it would be fun. 

Once I'm able to upload the images let me know what you think !! 

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