Friday, 23 September 2011

freelance work

img: my own 

This is my latest freelance design and manufacture garment. My client wanted something that she could wear after her hand-fasting celebration. As her celebration was to take place out doors she wanted something that would keep her warm yet not to hot if the sun decided to show its face. As the client is Pagan she wanted something to represent her beliefs and ways, I didn't really know anything about pagan dress so i went away and researched traditional pagan hand-fasting dresses before designing anything, once i had an idea i took a selection of designs for the client to chose from. when she decided on which design she wanted we looked at colours and fabrics along with trims and details. To make sure the dress fitted her fully i manufactured a quick toile that she loved so i gave it to her for free as it didn't cost me anything more then a fiver. It took me a week to manufacture the dress and cape. as you can see the client was pleased with what she got :D 

let me know if you know anyone or want anything designed or manufactured and ill see what i can do between training and uni work.

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