Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Paris Trip with uni

(img taken by me :) !! )

Last week (9th November- 12th November) I was being a typical tourist traipsing through Paris and jumping on the metro snapping photos of everything vaguely french. As we were walking around we noticed how often people would look at us with a funny look and its because of the way we dressed we stuck out like a sore thumb in Paris. Parisians seem to stick to the dark colours of blacks greys, charcoal, navy blue and the odd cream/ nude garment every now and then. Us fashion students were in bright red, light blue denim, printed colourful cardigans, fur trimmed jackets, coloured leggings/ jeggings and a oversized tee teamed with toms, converse, dollies, uggs or heels also an array of different bags and scarfs. It probably didn't help that we were louder then the locals and attempted to speak french at every occasion.

By taking one look at us it was obvious we weren't local to paris or even france !!

Apart from the funny looks of most people we found the french quite helpful as most people would stop to help us if we were lost or didn't understand something. especially one woman that told us the best way to view the Eiffel tower and by the image above I think you'll agree she was helpful.

Oh and by the way I did climb right to the top if the tower and OMG the view was amazing you can see nearly the whole of paris from up there, and for only like 10euros you can't complain!!apart from the Eiffel tower i also visited the Notre Dame and climbed to the top of one of its towers, snapped a pic of the Arch de triumph, walked through the palace fountains, visited the Louve, scared Sarah in the catacombs and dragged myself up a hill to see the casre-clure then sang on its steps with a local busker who called us the spice girls.

Would have been nice to have longer in paris but I did everything that I wanted to and more but we had to rush slightly and I know we felt pain when we got home on the saturday ... I just threw myself on the sofa and slept !!

Wish I had taken a step-o-meter to count how much I walked I know that walking up to the Notre Dame tower I walked up 400 steps just in an hour !! just imagine how many I walked in the days there...!!! 

(excuse my french spelling Im not the best at spelling in english hehe )

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