Friday, 8 July 2011

British Style ... ?

(Sorry its late it took an age to the images to upload but there on now so here i go .) 

I took these pics of peoples outfits in 2010 whilst in London with college, as part of the brief we had to capture street fashion. I thought I had lost them but was sorting out some files on my laptop and found them again, (yay!) it made me think about my last post and trying to find the true British style, well I think I found the answer... there isn't ONE true British style, there are MANY and each style is as individual and divers as the wearer. I have grown up with the message of standing out from the crowd is no bad thing, and if I want my work (as a fashion designer) and me to get noticed then I need to be individual and slightly different to be remembered.  However if you look back in history to the late Victorian ear then everyone dressed the same in a typical "English style" of the 3 piece suit for men and a lovely expensive detailed day-dress for the women, It was like a uniform. It was unheard of for the men to customise there suits and the women to shorten their dresses. This style of dress only occurred in England. So theres the answer... there use to be a typical British style but we as a nation are so multicultural now that the british style is what the wearer feels it is. 

( On some of the photos some heads have been cut off, this is purposely done as they didn't want there faces in my sketchbook at the time. I know I'm not a great photographer but I'm not that bad!! hehe )

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