Sunday, 14 August 2011

mystery man.

images :daily mail.

I was sat watching Bankys "exit through thr gift shop" last night and was hit by how mysterious Bankys actually is.I use him as inspiration sometimes as his work always has a twist or som sort of contraversy that coms along with it. Yet no one know his name and if they do they are in his small circle of trusted friends that they would never spill the beans on who he really is.Through-out the whole documentory Bankys face was pixelate or he was filmed from behind with his hood up and his voice was altered to keep his identity a mystery from the rest of the world. The olny thing i could find out is that he is married as he wears a wedding ring on his finger... But thats it.

 I don undrstand how he would want to keep his identity such a secret from the world. as he is so famous in the world of graffiti street art. Wouldn't you think he would want some recogision for what he has achieved with in his life? He could so easily walk past me and you,and we wouldn't even look twice at him. I can understand that what he is doing is some what on the edge of being illegal but many others perform illegal acts daily and their nams are known throughout the globe.I dont think I could keep my identity such a mystery I would slip up somewere, but he hasn't!! he is in total control of what he does and who is with him, that he knows he will only let his identity be known when he wants it to be known.

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