Saturday, 6 August 2011

zombie loving.

Imgs : / Mugler 2011mens fall/winter

OMG new love in my fashion life... comes by the name of Rick Genest. He was through feet first into his new modelling career because of his eye catching tattoos. if it wasn't for the creative director or Mugler and fashion director of Lady Gaga Nicola Formichetti finding him on Facebook of all places he would just be a normal tattooed guy.If he didn't turn him self into the zombie boy of which we now know him would he seem as sexy to us, i think not. If i tell you the truth its because of his body full of tattoos (I'm attracted to tattoos what can i say.) and his truly male sulky attitude in his photo shoots for Mugler that makes him my new fashion/model crush!! 

I only wish i get the chance to work with him sometime in my fashion career ...

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